Rainbow Center Branding & Collateral

Several years ago, the Rainbow Center updated its branding to reflect its more prominent location in downtown Tacoma.  Updating the branding included creating a new logo, website, promotional material, business cards, and many many other pieces that have come up at various times (such is the hectic existence of a small non-profit!)

Design Specs

These postcards feature a clean design, the signature Tacoma skyline in silhouette originally designed for the 10th Annual Gayla, and bright engaging colors worthy of an organization called the Rainbow Center. This most recently updated postcard, also includes the rainbow flag colors from the Philadelphia Pride Flag. Introduced in June of 2017, the Philadelphia Pride Flag places black and brown before the traditional rainbow colors, to draw attention to the fact that queer and trans people of color often face far greater rates of discrimination and violence.


Design Specs

When updating the RC’s business cards, my goal was to create a look that allowed for all of their standard contact information, plus some room for personalizing with pronouns and email, all while remaining uncluttered. It was also important that the font size not be too small to read by the majority of clients.  Another key consideration was that their be plenty of space to write on the cards, as employees often jot down notes for the community members who visit the center.

The cards a bright, friendly, and modern.  In keeping with the name of the organization, each set of business cards is printed in a variety of accent colors, pulled from the Rainbow Center logo.

Business Cards