Keep America Open

This flyers was designed as an immediate response to a wave of neo-nazi and anti-immigrant flyers distributed around Tacoma. My flyer was posted online with an encouragement to others to share, post, print, and display at any location possible.  I believe that everyone, including artists, have a moral obligation to use their abilities and talents to resist bigotry, oppression, and evil.  Creating this flyer is simply one way I’m able to do so. On a less immediate level, this is an ongoing issue that will need to continue to be addressed, so please continue to share and distribute.

If you share this poster online, I would appreciate a link to either my website or Facebook page.  If you print it out and post it, please simply let others know where you found it and encourage them to support refugees, immigrants, and undocumented folks as well.

Design Specs

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Original post encouraging distribution of this flyer: