About me and about Henry Waymack Design

I started my design business over a decade ago, and over the years I’ve created work for numerous clients. However, whether creating a logo for a fundraising event, designing signage for local watering hole, or helping a school district communicate valuable information to parents and students, what inspires me has remained the same:

Creating beautiful design that positively changes the world we live in.

I am especially passionate about creating design pieces for non-profit organizations, businesses that invest in our community, and of course for individuals. I encourage you to check out my portfolio for samples of my work, or visit my Etsy storefronts, where I sell a number craft items, apparel, and design pieces.

Recent Projects

These are a few of my more recent projects. Please check out my portfolio page for a more extensive sampling.

Etsy Stores


Gifts for progressive-minded people.  This is a new shop with a still-growing inventory. If you have an idea of something you’d like to see in the shop, please don’t hesitate to let me know!


As my first Etsy shop, this began as a way to sell crafts that are fun for me to make and also reflect my more nerdy interests and my northwest roots. I’m always open to creating custom orders through this Etsy store!