Women’s Suffrage Pins

I was inspired to create these pins by the amazing women around me (both in politics and in life in general), and because 2019 was the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The pins include the the dates 1920 and 1965 in recognition of the ratification of the 19th Amendment and the passage of the Voting Rights Act, respectively.

Trans Flag + Feminist Lapel Pins

I created these pins in response to a recent out-pouring of TERF (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist) hate speech. I believe that feminism benefits everyone, and when correctly practiced, includes trans people, and especially trans women. I also knew that many people I care about, both transgender and cisgender, were offended by the attempt of a few close-minded people to usurp what being a feminist is all about.

Franklin Pierce School District 2018-19 Calendar

The 2018-2019 Franklin Pierce School District Family Calendar was designed to be warm, modern, and coordinate with newly refreshed branding for the school district.

Miniature Book Covers

I’ve been working with my wife, Laura, to create some fun craft items for book lovers everywhere. Her Etsy shop 907 in 253, is still growing, but our first project together involved creating miniature books that could either be worn as jewelry or decoratively displayed.

ERW Business Cards

I was just recently asked to put together a business cards design for Equal Rights Washington (ERW) Board Chair, Monisha Harrell. The design is clean, modern, and fits within the existing ERW branding identity. The color swatches on the front echo the colors and shape of ERW’s signature tartan pattern on the back of the card.

Keep America Open

This flyers was designed as an immediate response to a wave of neo-nazi and anti-immigrant flyers distributed around Tacoma. My flyer was posted online with an encouragement to others to share, post, print, and display at any location possible. I believe that everyone, including artists, have a moral obligation to use their abilities and talents to resist bigotry, oppression, and evil.

Rainbow Center’s 16th Annual Black & White Gayla

I once again have the pleasure of designing several pieces for the Rainbow Center’s annual Black & White Gayla fundraiser. This year’s theme is Cirque Noire: A Night of Mystery & Magic, with Black, Red, and Silver as colors. I tried to capture the essence of the theme and still maintain the formal, black-tie, feel of the event.

Trans Pride Postcards

These postcards were designed as hand outs for Tacoma Tmen, a transgender discussion group, to hand out at Tacoma Pride 2018.

“I Voted” Lapel Pins

“I Voted” pins for those who love civic engagement (or live in states with mail-in voting).

PCAF’s 30th Anniversary

In 2017 Pierce County AIDS Foundation turned 30. In honor of this major anniversary, they asked me to design a logo to be used throughout the year, and to promote several events. Additionally, they also asked me to design save the date cards and a formal invitation to their 2017 World AIDS Day event, which was also a celebration of their 30th anniversary. Their theme exemplifies their work over the past 30 years: Courage, Compassion, Resilience.

Rainbow Center’s 15th Annual Black & White Gayla

Several pieces designed for the Rainbow Center’s 15th Annual Black & White. In honor of the Rainbow Center’s 20th anniversary, the Gayla went back to its roots as an ultra formal black tie event. As such the designs for this year focused on simplicity and elegance.

LGBTQ Mayoral Candidate Forum

In 2017 the Rainbow Center hosted and moderated a forum on LGBTQ issues for the two Tacoma mayoral candidates. They asked me to design a poster and a few additional graphics to promote the event.

PCAF Unwind

In 2016 I was asked by Pierce County AIDS Foundation to design a logo for a new community engagement and fundraising event, call Unwind. The purpose of the event was not only to serve a fundraiser for PCAF, but also as a chance to hear updates on the important work being done by a local organization. The event has a happy hour type atmosphere that allows supporters of PCAF to relax, socialize, and yes, unwind.

Rainbow Center’s 14th Annual Black & White Gayla

As in previous years, I had the honor of designing a number components for the Rainbow Center’s 14th Annual Black & White. The theme for 2016 was 80’s Glam. Guests were encouraged to glitz it up with big hair, bright colors, shoulder pads, and sequins. The theme was especially poignant, as 2016 saw the death of 80’s musicians and queer icons, Prince, David Bowie, and George Michael.

Rainbow Center’s 13th Annual Black & White Gayla

In 2015 I once again had the opportunity to create the primary designs for the Rainbow Center’s annual Black & White Gayla. The theme for the 2015 Gayla was Roaring 20’s, with a color theme of teal and copper. The designs for this year included mostly monochromatic designs, with symmetrical, geometric elements, to invoke the the opulence of the 1920’s.

Rainbow Center’s 12th Annual Black & White Gayla

The design for the Rainbow Center’s 2014 Black & White Gayla remains one of my favorites to this day. The Rainbow Center decided to celebrate with a masquerade theme, with black and silver chosen as colors. In order to keep with the formal feel of the Gayla, an emphasis was placed on having the event feel like a formal, early 20th century masquerade.

Rainbow Center Branding & Collateral

Several years ago, the Rainbow Center updated its branding to reflect its more prominent location in downtown Tacoma. Updating the branding included creating a new logo, website, promotional material, business cards, and many many other pieces that have come up at various times (such is the hectic existence of a small non-profit!)

Rainbow Center’s 10th Annual Black & White Gayla

I had the opportunity to create several designs for the Rainbow Center’s 10th Annual Black & White Gayla. Their color theme for 2012 was Purple and Silver. In honor of the 10th ever Gayla, I also designed an official Gayla logo, featuring a roman numeral ten in the spotlights.

Rainbow Center’s 9th Annual Black & White Gayla

In 2011 the Rainbow Center asked me to design the graphics for their 9th Annual Black & White Gayla. The theme for the year was Out on the Town. It seemed an obvious choice to include the Tacoma skyline. This particular design of the Tacoma skyline would continue to be used on numerous occasions for the Rainbow Center.

Rainbow Center’s 7th Annual Black & White Gayla

This was the first year that I had the opportunity to design promotional materials for the Black & While Gayla. The design incorporated the bridge from the Rainbow Center’s logo at the time. The Art Deco style has always been a favorite of mine, and it lent itself well to the formal feel of the occasion, and would find its way into the designs of future Gayla pieces.